Please, if me and my ex can get back together, please let us

by Naia ()

My ex and I got together when she was coming out of a long time relationship, and we had a period where we were trying out,not sure what might happen. But once the fuse was lit, and we became official, I had the happiest few months of my life. She helped me find who i was in many ways, and showed how much capacity for love i have.

However, She felt stifled and like she didn’t know who she was without someone else there. She felt like She was gonna lose herself to the people she was with. She left it far too late, and though I wish she’d have given me a chance to show her i could tone it down, so we could find ourselves together. She said that she didn’t want to leave me, but that she couldn’t be with me.
I had a few emotional reactions when I would wake up, after this break, and I’m terrified I’ve pushed her away in that way for good, or for a while at least. She told me that if I couldn’t start to let go of my intense feelings for her, we couldn’t even be friends, much less partners again.

I understand that completely, and at the end of the day, I want her to be happy, but if there’s any chance that we can get back together in some way then please let it happen

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