Please help with our struggles both legal and medically

by Michel (Ms)

Please heal these children. I am all three of their mothers and have battled since youth of mental illness and substance abuse. The eldest two have been alienated from me. I fear that they are being neglected in the sense of nurturing and discipline. Nobody seems to care if they are bathed and etc. They are with the family that tended to fuel the issues i had as youth. Even if i am not Gods plan for them at this time please put peace and heal their hearts to know that their mother loves them. Please help me to get them back into me and their baby brothers lives. May Jesus protect and guide all three sons, Caleb Aleks and Bobby.

God be with my new husband Bobby and i to have steady stable home to produce and promote healthy family. Please help with our struggles both legal and medically. Lord please harbor recovering family relationships that have been damaged so severely through the years. amen

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