Please help us with a Prayer for my little angels.

by E Estrada (Miami Fl)

Help pray over my little Angels. Their father , who has not seen them in years, has finally decided he is the father. Has not offered any emotional, financial support, etc. Has now come to claim that he was afraid of seeing his children, that he didn’t know he had children. Every excuse you could imagine. He wants full custody and is trying his hardest to fight with all his lies, power and money. We ask that you pray that the truth comes out, that these children who do not know him, have an opportunity to at least gt to know him. That we are able to forgive him for all the stuff he has done to us, physically, emotionally. That he is not granted full custody or overnights for awhile. until these children are able to communicate better. We ask you to stop making false accusations. We ask for peace and that we no longer live in fear of his threats, and vindictive acts.