Please help us to pay off all our debts, Lord God

by Farheen (London)

Dear creator, my lord and saviour please hear my prayer. I pray to you my god my created, ruler of the worlds and universe. My heart calls out to you my lord. I beg to you and pray to you to accept and help my prayer to be fulfilled.

Please help us to pay off all our debts. The money we owe on credit cards and money owing to family. My health is deteriating and so is my strength. Oh lord of the worlds please give me strength to move upwards and onwards. Answer my prayer and give us the finances to pay off all our debts. My life is in your hands and for you my lord to fix…..give us abundance from the heavens and allow your miracle to shine through. My lord if you say ‘be’ then it is so. Please do this for us my god for we have nowhere else to turn but to you. Make all of our heartache, worries, anxiety and burdens vanish away. You are the power and have the authority over all things. Please help us the way you helped Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah, Mohammed and Jonah. Favor your blessings on us my lord. Give us sufficient money to be independent from anyone but you. I vow to you my lord my god that I will do my best to value your blessings and reach out to others and never to be in this situation again. So please help us god. Send your angels to help us for no power is greater than yours. Help us lord and accept my prayer. In your name I beg of you to accept and fulfill my prayer.

You are the Greatest most exalted most benevolent most high. And we are your humble servants and in need of desperate help. Please send divine intervention now for I need your help now then I’ve ever needed before. Amen

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