Please Help Us St Jude In Our Time Of Need.

by SC (Usa)

Please help our family in our time of need. I pray to you in asking for your help and guidance. Please help my husband and my mother to beat their cancer.

I pray that you will bless them with the power of miracles to heal their body. Please bless my kids with good health, and protect them from negative forces. That they never lose their way, they are such wonderful kids and I could not be prouder of them. I also pray to ask if you could please bless me with good health, and that my medical condition will resolve so that my health will again be good. I pray if you could please help us all in our difficult time.

Please protect our family against evil influences, dark forces that may try to prey on one’s suffering and hardship. Please surround my family with god’s love, happiness, positivism and heal us.

Thank you St Jude.

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