Please help us St. Joseph

by Paul (Tennessee)

St. Joseph, earthly father of our Savior Jesus, please help us in our time of need. We found a new home that was better suited for our growing family but have yet to sell our old home and we turn to you for help. Carrying two mortgages is a burden that our family is unable to sustain for a long period of time.

I know and have faith that you can help us. I pray that you bring an eager well qualified buyer into our home very soon who makes a reasonable offer on our home so that we can move on to the next stage of our lives. I also pray that you ask The Lord to grant the new homeowner many blessings and years of happiness, as we have received many blessings and had had many years of happiness while we have lived in our home.

Please help us St. Joseph. Please help us Lord Jesus. We have tried to do this on our own but – I should have learned this by now – I need you, as always.

St. Joseph, I have a wonderful place for you in our new home to honor you for your help. I also have a place for a statue of the Blessed Mary as well at our new home.

Thank you Joseph and Mary for caring for and raising our Lord Jesus in the way of The Lord.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your never ending grace.


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