Please help us sell our property

by Pat (Altoona, IA, USA)

St Joseph, please help us with selling our property, it has been listed for over a year and we have had little real interest. We have dropped the price twice and the realtor thinks we are at a fair price. We know that you have helped others and now am asking you to assist us with the sale of our property. We have always tried to be fair in our dealing and follow what is right according to the Bible and helped others whenever we can. My husband of over 40 years has not been the last few years and we need to move on and not have the pressure of selling our property weighing on our minds. Our finances are becoming very low and a sale would greatly help. We have been praying and asking for help. It is always on our minds and a sale would be so appreciated. We have trust in you St Joseph and in our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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