Please help to restore and reunite our marriage and our family

by SLP (Syracuse, NY)

Heavenly Father, I ask for your grace and mercy on my marriage. That you may heal this relationship and restore the trust and unity that it once had. I ask that the 18 year relationship I had with my husband, including 13 years of marriage was not for nothing.

Please heal both of our hearts and minds against the poison that has affected our relationship. Allow us to both forgive one another. Please see your way into my husbands heart and soul before it is too late. Please help him to restore his relationship with his only son who misses him more than anything. Help him to see his way back to you and the church. Help us to put all of our faith and trust in you, as we both know deep down that you will make us whole again if it be your will.

Give us the strength and guidance we need to start our journey together once again. Help us to see that there is hope for our family to be whole and united once again.

I know there are many others going thru similar situations. Please help to heal them as well. Please give those others the strength and guidance they need to get thru these difficult times.

This I ask in your name.


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