Please help to reconnect our hearts, as one.

by Sasha ()

I’ve caused pain, and mistrust in my 5 year relationship. I was not honest with the man that I had been with for 5 years. I made a decision to do something at work, and didn’t inform him about it. When he found out, and confronted me with it. I still denied it. Because I didn’t want him to see me a dishonest person. (I did not cheat, nor steal).

Dear God, I put all my faith, and trust in you, your words and your actions. I have prayed many days and nights, and have seen you do wonderful things within our relationship. Our worshiping together has ceased. Our laughter, communication and closeness is no longer there. We live like we neighbor that share land.

Father God, I am asking that you reconnect our chains, I’ve apologize hundreds of times. Allow his heart to forgive me. To trust me again. Make us 1 again, through marriage. Build us up, to continue to live for you. Let him know that I can be trusted, and that he doesn’t have to fear me of being dishonest again.

In Jesus, name in Jesus name in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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