Please help them to put things right

by Jan ()

You know I have suffered indignity, physical domestic abuse, threats, accusations and economic abuse from my children’s father. He hatred for me has impacted greatly on my children. The most wicked act was remortgaging the family home with no intention to pay.
Those I turned to those who could help me, Kensington Mortgage Company, The Financial Ombudsman Service and The Financial Conduct Authority, but rather than help me, they turned me away and Kensington Mortgage Company delighted in taking my home and repossessed it. I lost the only home I knew my children knew their whole lives. You know the pain and sadness I feel. You know the hurt I feel when those that most know I was treated wrongly, those that could help, those that could ensure the wrongs I was a victim of are finally put right. But they continually refuse to acknowledge my pain and refuse to even say I deserve or it is only fair that things are put right.
Lord help me to forgive them and help me to pray for each and every one of them MA, CW, And all that listen to them.
Help me and the children to move on, help us to get the help and support we need from someone with a good and kind heart. Help those who have tried to help me to continue their good work helping other victims of domestic and economic abuse. Lord please do not let my hurt, pain and sorrow not be worthless. Please help my pain and suffering to inspire those who refused to help me, be forced to help others and always remember me and treat others better than they should and could have treated me. Turn their cold hearts of stone to be able to provide compassion and kindness.

In Jesus name

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