Please help them find their way back to echoer so that they may rejoice in You

Sacred Heart,

Your heart is so full of love, give some of that to my parents as they are fighting. Do not let them end their relationship, and do not let them turn away from You. Please find their way back to echoer so that they may rejoice in You.

I know that you put my parents together for a reason, remind them of that, help them to see that You are with them always. Your true love is with them everyday, help them see that.

Lady of Peace, I feel you even when I feel alone, I ask that my parents are in your intercession of prayers so that they may work towards a better life with each other. Grant Your peace onto them so that they may live in harmony.

Let them only know each other as their home so that they may stand up to the burden of fighting together.
My Lord, I trust you with everything that is mine…my family Please do not split us up physically or emotionally. let us see the other side, and let us go hand in hand. I trust You that you will take care of my family and see that we are OK. I know you love Us Lord, let my parents know they are loved by each other and You.

Please Pray for mommy and daddy that they may find comfort in their argument, and that a peaceful solution is near to them.
With great humility I ask You Sacred Heart to make my intentions here Your will, and Please let Your will be done.

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