Please help save my relationship

by Theresa (Acton, London, United Kingdom)

I met Patrick, a wonderful and loving man online in August 2009, we went on our fist date a couple of weeks later and knew immediately that we were meant to be together. We fell in love on our first date. I know for me there is no one else and I know he feels the same way. Things started off well then a month later his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Patricks been working abroad mainly in Kabul, Iraq etc and has been trying to find work in the UK but its proving to be difficult. He returned home to be with his mother in November 2011. Sadly she passed away on 18th December 2011. His mothers illness coupled with him working abroad has put a lot of strain on our relationship. He sent me an email when he received news that his mother was terminal, telling me that the relationship was over. My request is for Patrick to find hope, faith, courage and love. He is angry at his mum for leaving him (she was his only family) and seems to be angry towards me. Im asking him not to make any rash decisions while hes going through a hard time. I want him to give our relationship a chance and to make me part of his life.

I want him to realise that what we have is something truly special and to fight for it. I would like him to meet me halfway in finding a way to make our relationship work and for him to take my feelings into consideration and for his to realise that he still has people around him who love him and care for him. He still has a family albeit not blood related.

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  1. Dont lose faith

    Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I can feel your pain, heartbreak and confusion as i am going through quite similar experience. I am still heartbroken and waiting for my answer too. But what i would like to share with you is to continue to pray to our Dear Lord and ask for him to carry and guide you through this difficult time. I heard God sometimes put us in our back so we can look UP! Believe me i really know how you feel. I feel like giving up, but instead with tears in my eyes i pray to our Dear Lord, to St Therese, Sta Rita and St Jude asking them to be with me and hear my prayers.

    May God grant you and all those people like us in need strength and peace. Hang on to your faith and keep believing,.


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