Please help our family at this time of anxiety

Please help us God and St Jude, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

My father in law is suddenly very unwell and his doctor thinks he has cancer. We anxiously await news of tests and pray that his condition is treatable.
This news has reached us today, the same day that my dear husband (his son) has started the new job he has worked for 14 years towards.
I remember too my own parents and their battles against ill health, as well as my sister and her family.
We all have strong faith in you Lord and need your help and strength more than ever. Please help my father in law to know that you are with him in his struggle and please help my mother in law to stay strong for the husband and sons she is so devoted to. I pray, Lord that you show your great tenderness and love to my husband as he strives to do his best at work, support me and his parents and yet also faces one of his greatest fears, which is that he might lose his father.
Please give my beloved husband your grace and strength at this very difficult time and help him to know how much he is loved and needed.
Finally, Lord, help me to be supportive, honest and caring as I try to help our family through this time.
It feels so dark and bleak at the moment. I do not know what the future holds and I am frightened. I have faith that the Lord will lead us out into the light but please let it be soon.
Thankyou, Amen