Please help my young friend as well as my family

Please pray for my friend Caleb! Please pray that God will heal him and make his cancer (tumor), seizures, and strokes go away! Please pray for healing for him. Please pray he gets stronger and very soon. He is a young man who deserves so much and deserves to be a normal teenager. Let him be well so he can learn to drive and be like other teens. He prays, other people pray and I pray. Please pray for him. Let this week be a good week for him. I pray God can create a miracle for him.

Also if it is not too much more to pray for. Please pray for financial relief for my family and that nothing bad happens. Please pray that my income from my ssd in my son’s name does not get interrupted and continues (that they receive my paperwork on time and it continues), as I just had surgery and I am behind on sending the paperwork in.

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