Please help my son lord from a terrible addiction and a horrible beating he endured from others

by Tammy Lewis (Fairborn Ohio)

Lord I come to you in prayer so desperately needing your divine intervention my son is 21 years old and he is addicted to drugs he recently on nov 8th 2013 was brutally beaten with now two broken jars that are wired shut he is in so much mental and physical pain and anguish. He is so bitter mean and cruel to me and his dad and brother he blames us for everything that happens to him in his life he lies constantly about what he is doing he denies using drugs but we low he does he can only eat a liquid diet for 6 weeks and he is so depressed we are trying to get him on the right path by holding onto his car keys and feeding him making sure his gets his meds that he must take for his injuries he says he wishes he would have died because nobody understands how much pain he is in mentally and physically

my son is do lost lord please lord deliver him comfort him turn his life around let him lord understand that we love him and want the best for him I don’t want to have to bury my son lord please lord heal him bring him in to your living and saving grace allow us to have the experience of being a happy family again I pray this prayer in Jesus’s name I give all the glory honor and praise to your lord amen

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