Please help my son get a job

by Kathy (MA)

Dear God ,Mary our Mother and all the Angels and Saints, my son has been trying very very hard to get his life back on track, going on interviews for a job and awaiting word and he is being evicted for non payment of rent. Last night while doing a pizza delivery job he wrecked a tire axil etc, trying to avoid a snowplow backing up fast. He needs repair to the car to work this pizza job and doing more interviews and moving out but cannot afford the car repair. I cannot afford to help him but will try. Please help him get back on track with the car and help him get a good job and a place to live as soon as possible. It hurts me to see him so sad, scared, not knowing what to do or where to turn right now, and I dont want him to give up! With heartfelt gratitude I thank you. Kathy

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