Please help my partner to open up communication with me again and contact me back with joy and peace at heart

by Meg Le (Southport, Queensland, Australia)

Heavenly Father Lord Jesus, creator of all men and women hear my prayer.

I thank you for binding my partner Jesmond Cassar and I as a lifetime couple where we have shared true love, supports, understanding for each others needs at all time. Thank you Lord for providing my partner and I with stable work, with health and with foods on our tables. Thank you Lord for our childrens growth and successes at their schools. Thank you Lord for granting us our eternal love for one and another for the rest of our life.

Please forgive us My Dear Lord for our shortcomings, our differences, our unpleasant words to each other, our insecurity, our jealousy and our unnecessarily fears, please forgive us for our past mistakes, for the distance we created from each other when being misunderstood of one and anothers intention.

Dear Lord, I pray for my partner to see the truth of my heart desires to be publicly known as his partner for many years. I pray for your helps to guide my partners heart and mind to understand Public Display Affection from him towards me, is very important to me. My needs and desires are pure and filled with true love and without any other alternative intention. Please fill my partners heart and mind with pride and joy with this need. Please help my partner to know it is the right time to introduce me to all, especially at his work whenever we are together. Please help my partner to open up his communication with me as it is the only effective way we can support and comfort each other in such a time of need.

Dear Lord, please bless our family with five wonderful children together they will share the joy and happy time during this school holiday and especially this during this Easter season.

I ask this for your mercys sake. Amen!