Please help my Love stop drinking and for us to be a family again?

by Katrena (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord I have been through so much and survived with your help Lord from being abused physically, mentally, sexually, and verbally, my father leaving us as a child, losing my ex husband to prison, learning and helping my child surviving sexual abuse while at her fathers and the hardest thing for me of all was holding both my youngest two daughters while they took their last breath and passed away and watching their caskets go into the ground and for also beating my own addiction. After all of this Lord I have met the most wonderful man whom loves me and my daughter as much as we love him with every inch of our heart and soul. We know we’re each others soul mate and have a chance again for all 3 of us to be so happy and have a real true family. Lord he is fighting a severe case of Crohns Disease and started drinking again to help with his pain, however he has lost his self in the alcohol and has become severely depressed and withdrawn from life, hes become very mean and angry toward me and says beyond hurtful things to me we no longer even sleep together, hes put black sheets and blankets up over all the windows and never leaves unless to buy alcohol, he doesn’t work anymore, he doesn’t even take a shower but maybe once a week anymore. Its almost as if hes possessed Lord when hes not drinking hes back to his loving nice self and is beyond nice to me and sorry but he says he can’t control himself. Lord I am asking and pleading and begging please Lord help him, help us, Lord please put your love and light into him. Lord I do not want to be rich or want money or fancy cars or houses, all I want and I am begging u Lord to help him stop drinking and just to have my happy, loving family back with him as his normal loving self and me and my wonderful daughter. Lord I would do almost anything as long as its not bad or evil, just to have him, the man that I know loves me unconditionally and our family to be together and have just a normal family life please Lord, I would live in a card board box with him and have nothing just to have him and my daughter and their love and our family. To me Lord to have their love and us happy together and that makes me the richest of all to have my family and their love. I beg and plead with u Lord please save my love from the alcohol please and let us be a happy loving family again and forever and all eternity. Lord I love u and will have u in my heart always and I will always follow u and u will be in my home and I will always let u guide me Lord! In your name Lord Amen

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