Please help my husband and me to buy our last house

by Robin (Ca)

oh St Joseph,

our lives are a mess. please help my husband and me to buy our last house. we must repay debt and find gainful employment for the nest 12 years. we found an affordable home near elk grove and we need 34k down payment and loan approval. we can pay this house off in 10 years. we can repay all our debts to family members and have a happy and tranquil life.

Please take the fear and worry out of our lives. please let bygones be bygones when it comes to the distension in our family relationships. please help our last 2 children especially find their way in this harsh world because we won’t be here long enough to see them grow old. please help my husband stay healthy so he can provide for us in our remaining years here on earth. we have made such a mess of our lives and we need a break to start over. we can not afford anymore delays we need our employment by next week.

If we don’t get jobs we will lose our healthcare. please help me to put my anger and fear aside to see the right path to prosperity and peace. I say this in the name of our lord and ask that you answer our prayer and send help. I am so tired of barely living I just want some peace love and security for out family. Amen

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