Please help my family

by Australia ()

Please lord help my family at this sad time my husband

Was arrested last night for Assualt on a man .he knew
He did wrong and is very sorry he hit the guy the family
Are saying that he hurt two others which he didn’t the reasons
He hit the guy was that him and his wife followed our child
My young daughter in there car walking home and the mother
Got out of the car and abused my child saying that she wants
To hurt her and knock her out and the lady’s husband is
Swearing at my child calling her not nice names my child
Came home very upset and scared my husband ask her where they lived
And then he went there they denied it then it got heated and my
Husband lost his temper and hit the father ( which is so wrong)
He has to go to court in a month time for it and could go to jail
I know he done wrong but please have mercy on my husband
And family we have had really hard year last year financially and
Hes got a opportunity to work for a great company that would change
My family’s lives with financial security which were havnt had for a long
Time we have 3 children and it would devastate them specially
my young daughter if this gets bad and he goes to jail please lord my father
My daddy my everything I ask don’t let this happen please soften the judges
Heart he has a clean record and would never do it again I ask in Jesus name!!

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