please help my brother find success in his self run business

by Rohitt (Kharar,Punjab,India)

Dear lord Please help me make my life better as I am in deep trouble. I want to get rid of this heavy debt that my family’s in. My Dad is a great man but he drinks too heavy and lose his mind very easily.

He keeps on shouting and abusing people around him. He’s been dealing with his own problems from last 8 years.

We were very happy back then but things changed dramatically in these 8 years. No friends no relatives came to visit us when we needed them. Me and my brother couldn’t get enough education to get a decent job.

My brother has a good reputation and recently started dealing in property and used cars but something is stopping him from getting success. We have our faith in you lord and I know you will remove all the obstacles off his way to success. You are our saviour. All my life I’ve been thinking I came here with no purpose but now I ask you to provide me with a purpose.

I will do anything to help the needy people if given a chance. I beg you to Please make my life better and give my family happiness. Please help my Dad get over his bad habit of drinking alcohol, my mom is always sad to see all that’s happening with our live.

it makes me stressed and forces me to end my life but my faith in you keeps me alive. Oh lord Please help my brother find success in his self run business. Provide us with opportunities to run our lives smoothly.
Please pray for my family , guys.
I’ll pray for all of you and hope all your wishes come true.

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