Please help me

by Rebeca (London)

Dear lord,

I am restless. I know i need to have patience.I have seeked your help and i trust you to help me out. I havent made a mistake. I had to hurt kevin to make him realise but he on the other end has thrown me out from his life. I am unable to tolerate this pain. For him he doesnt care if people dont stay but for me all i have is him! Y is that he cant understand that. My love and friendship for him is true. I have never cheated him or said anything bad about him but when i hear he cheated on me and has spoken things about me how do you think i can keep quite! I thought that if i go away he would at least make an effort to search for me. But he seems to be going farther away from me. I want him back. He is good at heart i know that. This misunderstanding is created by someone else and ive promised that even though i have come to know about this i will not reveal the names. All i want is not to hurt anyone. But when people keep hurting me and using me whenever they need me i feel hurt! I dont know what to do.I feel so helpless! Please help me.You know what is the reality and truth so please bring him back. Let him know the truth that i am trustable! I dont want to put him in chains of our relationship.I have never done that. This is a friendship which is beyond any words. I can define this relationship. Please make him realise this and please come back to me kev..I love you always and forever! Even if u throw me out of your life i wont and i cant go away from you..Amen

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