Please Help Me

by Annie (USA)

Dear God,

Please give me strength to handle these hardships Im going through with my family. Please help them to see my intentions are good and I mean no disrespect.

Please guide me and show me the way to be a good child of God and be humble. Not hold grudges and learn to forgive myself and others. Help give me the knowledge I need to spread your word and live my life in your name.

Please help give me a strong heart to handle all the hurtful words they use on me. All I want to do is live incur light andlove how you want me to. Some people aren’t happy about my decisions but it’s the first time in my life that I have learned to stand up for myself in what I believe is right and I’m being shunned for it. Please help me. If this is what God intended for me to do the give me the strength to stand up for it.

I’ve been recently saved and the devil is trying hard to pull me back. I need all the prayers I can get and I will give as many as I can.


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