Please help me

by Barnali (India)

dear god,

i know i am your bad child. you have given me so many chances, and everytime i’ve ruined them. but please god give me a job. you know how much i need one, specially now. if i don’t get one within this very month, i’ll be finished.

so please forgive me, give me emotional strength and give me a job. in this period of my life, i don’t know where to go, who to ask; so i came to you. i’ve always came to you in my hard please give me a job.even though i may not deserve your kindness, still i hope you will listen to me and grant me a job.thank you,amen.

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  1. Truth

    Bad Child…we are all His children and we are all born in to this world with a sinful nature. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to be born of a virgin and Jesus went to the cross, shed his blood and died and rose again so we could seek his forgiveness of our sins. Jesus conquered sin,death and grave! God tells us to pray constantly about any and all things. You need not go to your Father when times get bad…you can do it all the time. Key point here is that you must accept Jesus Christ as your savior and your prayers must be to him (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). So, you are not bad, you are sinful as we all are. Accept Jesus, read your bible, find a church. Amen?

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