Please help me win some money

Dear Lord, Blessed Mother, Saint Jude, and any others that may be listening, I have been in so much trouble with debt. I have been struggling for so long, that I have had to borrow so much money, I dont even know who i owe any more. My Parents are also in financial strain. My dad has been sick and has had to pay so much money that he has gone thru all their savings, just to pay the doctors and insurances.. They have only ss coming in… If I was to win the money I pray for I could take care of my parents, make their days easier, and I could finally get out of debt. I cant breath some times. I walk the floors wondering how i am going to pay the bills, feed my kids, I am on the verge of loosing my home and my car. I just need this so bad, I hate to see myself and my parents like this. Please Dear Lord, Blessed Mother, Saint Jude Please Hear My Prayers…. Please if it is you will, it will be done


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  1. Faith

    Good morning
    My prayers are with you this morming
    Winning money by gambling lottery tickets
    Etc is not the answer
    I believe you have the potential
    For bright prospect for the future
    You just need faith in your abilities and a fresh
    Start. Follow your faith and go to church each
    Sunday Get a fresh start and go see a bankruptcy

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