please help me to make my partner proposes to marry me.

by Meg Le (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for binding my partner Jesmond and I together as a couple. please forgive us for all the shortcomings, all the silence treatment and none communication that are going on and our disagreements.

Dear Lord, I pray for that my partner will open up communication with me again for that I had upset him from asking him to honor me as his beloved wife. Please help my partner overcome his fears and proposes to marry me as this is my only dream and desire for the last six years and helping us working through things together so we can be a family living under the same roof with each other. Please help us with effective communication and loving each other until the end of this world.

Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers and help me through this difficult time of not being able to reach my partner out and to have my heart desires being fulfilled.


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  1. Lord please remove the woman who is helping my partner to cheat (stacy sutherland)

    Dear Lord i pray that you will bring my son’s father and the love of my life to you to confess of his sins and recommit his life to you.I ask that the woman who he now claims to have greater feelings for be remove from his life to finding her own partner and path.

    I pray that you will disjoint every act or communication between them and redirect mu partner’s focus , mind Heart body and soul to you God and then to his family, me and his son that is in the name of Jesus.

    He said to me from his lips one sunday has we prepare for church that God may just turn things around. He believes in you Jesus so i do believe you can reach him. Lord touch his life and mould his life from sin to righteousness to become a committed and discipline warrior in you sanctuary to touch lives by your power in Jesus name.

    Redirect his feelings towards the woman/women he is sleeping with and chop off every ties from the heart now Jesus in jesus name! I declare it done by the power of God. Amen

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