Please help me to increase daily my love for you

Oh most Sacred Heart of Jesus! I love you with all my heart. Please help me to increase daily my love for you and do thy work. Oh my Jesus you know what great love is; this is why you died for us! Your love for us surpasses all. Your are the greatest love! I have a love that you gave to me as a gift, my family.Most of them are with you and I miss them but I know that they have your love and peace. My mom you know is 93, thank you, but if you so kindly can I know that so many others and children need this same favor and I include them in my prayer Improve their health, let them be like the women who touching your cloak with such faith was given the gift of healing both physical and spiritual. Let this current problem be nothing. Please if it is your will and in your plan for her salvation and for those seeking your help let them be healed and be with me their earth family some more time. Help us all with little and big miracles, but most of all help us to accept the our lives, given to us, with love, faith, and joy. I love you most beautiful and kind heart of Jesus. Give us your daily peace and love to make this world that your Father created for you and us, a more loving, and spiritual place filled with love and faith for you every second of our days.

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