Please help me to be strong and have a clear mind

by Maui ()

God, please me to be strong all the time in time of trials and all negative vibes coming along the way. Please give me strenght to face all the things will come along my way with your guidance and love. Please help louise to thing positve and think good for all the people she loved. thank you for giving me all the blessings that i have everday. Thank you for all the people around me who always make me happy and positive towards to things.

Please help me to fix things and talk to louise clearly so I can help her with her problems as well. make me as your instrument for her to find real or true happiness with your name. Thank you and I wish you will also guide my sister to finish her sstudies. Thank you for always listning to my prayers. I love you God and your always be my armor towards to all negative things. Please help me to have peace in my mind and heart. Guide me to my next class AMEX wave 15. Thank you so much Please hear my prayers po.


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  1. God please help me to be strong abd have a clear mind

    I lost my trust. I feel cold from people I love and loved me. I got scared of this world. Please help me out

  2. Cure Stressful life bless happy life god

    Please forgive my sin lord king, I am living in soooo stressful life please guide me to escape from it and live in joy, i am sooo dependent on others so please bless me freedom, peace , happness and respectfull in my life lord king, i want love lord king,

  3. Help me to be strong

    Dear Lord, our Father Heaven Above, please give me the strength to accept my fate and help me to believe that You have an AMAZING plan planned out for me. Please give me some signs that You are there for me always beside me giving me strength to carry on. Dear God, I am on the verge of giving up and everything just seems not to work out, maybe it is just that I am too pessimistic, but oh Lord, entrust me with the power and will to carry on despite of hardships and setbacks, my Deat Lord, grant me the strength to be strong and accept the plan that You have for me. Dear our Almighty God, please give me the strength to accept others and myself, give me the will to carry on living, give me to courage to face my difficulties and not run away from them through suicidal thoughts. Dear Lord, please give me the power to continue on living and help me Lord. I yearn for Your presence every single moment, touch my life and grant me the strength to continue. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen

  4. Help

    Please help be to become stronger and not cry when someone hurts me let it be joy after pain good please hear my 💓 and my prayer and help me get over this.I know they say the former things have passed and God says they’ll be no more pain or sorrow nor crying so when I hear this it gives me strength thank you Lord.

  5. Please heavenly father continue to guide me

    Since leaving an emotionally abusive marriage of 30 years. I have suffered much. I have just got on with life and through my sister and brother in law, became a believer in our heavenly father. I have always been thankful and grateful for all he has shown, and continues to show.
    However, I am constantly struggling with financial and job issues. People who are not honest, and wish harm.
    Please help me to overcome all obstacles with your will and grace.
    I am so thankful for you heavenly father. Please help me to continue with a clear and strong mind. In troubled times and remain ever faithful to you.


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