Please help me sell my home.

by Patty (Illinois)

I need to sell my home soon, within the next 9 days. I would like a loving person or family to buy my home because the land here is so very beautiful. My dog is also buried in this land. I am very depressed, however, living in this town. I have no friends I can truly connect with.

I have resigned from my job and have accepted a job almost 2000 miles away. I pray the move occurs August 1 and my dogs , cats, and I move safely and peacefully. I pray I find a very affordable home that is hidden and safe for my animals (fully fenced with at least 0.5 acres of land for them to play in).

I pray that I am within 30 minutes driving distance to my new job and that I am close to hiking and the ocean. I pray I make many new friends too.

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