Please help me save my relationship

by Isabel (Canada)

I know it seems that I pray only when I am in need of assistance and I am aware that it is wrong of me to do so. I find myself bargaining with you and I know that that isn’t respectful. I hope you can forgive me for abusing prayer like that.

My boyfriend has given up on me. I have tried to save our relationship by asking if we could love ourselves first because I believe that is the core reason why we have fought so much. I know that God has a plan for everyone and I don’t know if him and I are to be together. Either way, I would like to ask for your assistance.

We’ve treated each other so poorly while we were together and I’m afraid. I’m afraid I might make the same mistakes. I want to learn to love myself and I want him to do the same so we could sustain a healthy relationship. Please help him understand that that is the reason why I returned his ring back and please give him strength to forgive me. Please give him strength to keep an open mind and love me again and potentially take me back.

Most importantly, next month will be tough for him and I won’t be able to be there to support him since he shut me out of his life. He resents me now, or I’m quite sure he does. Give him strength for all of his struggles and please guide him back to me.

I don’t want us to end like this. I was fighting for us this time. Please, please give us hope and faith along with that strength.

This prayer seems really informal, but it comes from an honest place so I’m sure you’ll hear me.

I’m sorry for all of my wrong doings since I’ve prayed honestly. I’m sorry. Please help me

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