Please help me restore my life back

by Kabelo ()

Im a 25 year old young women pregnant with my first baby. Daizy is the name of my boyfriend and both our families know. He does not have a real job but delivers goods and furnishers for people. Since I got pregnant things changed and He became distant.

Now he’s so different and acts very weired. He looks like a hobo. Very skinny and even afraid to touch. He speaks normaly for some time and later He becomes rude and very impatient. I’m so tired of it because its been 7 months now and don’t have the power anymore, all I need is help to restore his life back. Please help me I need my laugter again.

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  1. you are in my thoughts

    Sweetie, I will stand with you in prayer…Try, and have a heartfelt talk with him, and express your true heart feelings, I know it’s hard I lost my mom 2 years ago got pregnant( I am 42 now)had a baby last year, and her father is the same, He was worried, scared, and not a very open person due to past issues.

    When I read your request, I felt the need to pray for you, and send you positive energy..

    Hand in there sweetie your baby will bring you and your family great joy, and being a mom is an amazing experience..try to focus on that 🙂

    Love&Light to you

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