Please help me pray that we can find the best solution to these challenges

by Julia (Silver Spring, MD)

Dear all, please pray for my very broken family.
I am the youngest of 6 children. I’m 50 years of age and our oldest sibling is about 67. Our dear mom is 88 now and has dimentia. All us children have married and divorced with the exception of one of our sisters who remarried.

Her marriage is suffering, nevertheless, she has taken upon herself the care of our mom. This sister has two young girls and one of them is a teenager who is very depressed. I have two daughters who are 21 and 23 years old. They do not live with me. When I divorced their dad, the oldest went to live with him at age 16. She is now a single mother of a 10 month old. My other daughter lived with me until almost 2 years ago. This is when I started dating my fiance.

He developed colon cancer and I am taking care of him since he does not have relatives in this country. My youngest daughter does not approve of my relationship with my fiance. She is in college but decided to live with my sister when she comes back on breaks from college, this sister is the one who has my mom. This sister has been a second mom to my girls and helps them a lot. I don’t know how she does it, when I can barely take care of myself and my fiance. Fortunately, my fiance won the battle against cancer and is healthy. I’m looking into nullifying my first marriage and hopefully get remarried.

I fear remarrying since my fiance has a very bad temper and is very controlling.
I feel bad that my sister is handling so much on her own and on top of it all , her husband drinks a lot. I work full time to provide for my daughters and myself. I pay for most of their living expenses and now for my granddaughter. I am the head of the account department with people under my supervision.
After work I am exhausted and get home late.

I can’t see taking care of mom since it is very draining. I love her very much and want everyone to be okay, but all I can do is work hard and pray. Please help me pray that we can find the best solution to these challenges we are experiencing. May God bless you and thank you for reading.