Please help me pray for my marriage.

We’ve been married for almost ten years now. And it’s been great. Then one all just crumbles, as he’s ready to move out that very day. I’m so taken aback, in shock. We’ve never has any problems, never fight, never have split up. I thought everything was fine. After hours of crying and talking he finally agreed to stay and work on things, but he needed to get away for a week by himself. So here I was petrified of being alone, scared of out of mind of being alone. And now..I was alone.Being alone is a nightmare for me. And the midst of heartache and fear I realized…I wasn’t alone. God was there. And the comfort and love I needed only HE could give. I Hit my knees, repented and ask God into my life. We are working on things, but I’m afraid he’s not going to be committed when things get “rough” again. He is going to church with me but hasn’t turned his life over to God. So please help me pray that he’ll ask God into his heart, and that he will learn what commitment thru better or worse means. Thank you