Please help me pray for justice in court for my children and me.

by Me (Usa)

I am not perfect, yet I love my children. My ex is not a good man,friend, parent, companion. I suffered so much with his cheating,lies, controlling issues, his physical and emotional abuse. I am often ask ,why I stayed. It wasn’t always so and I did love him and believed him. I grew scared,grew to hate myself.

Then I became a little stronger and decided enough. I have let go of a lot and forgiven him so much. He holds a grudge and hatred against me. Acusers me and takes me to court falsely. He has not seen the children in over 3 monrhs,calls only to fight,but never to ask about them, no assistance. Yet he demands paperwork on the children. I believe it is for a huge case that will change his life. There is no genuine feeling for the kids. I ask Please let justice prevail, you that can see the reason behind the suffering. I ask for the protection,well being and best interest of the kids.

If it is meant for him to be and stay then I ask for his heart to soften, for his forgiveness on me for calling the police. I don’t have to hear him say sorry but I ask that his love for them be genuine Nd what he did not do for me to do for them. For the people around him who ate vandalizing home, car for them to stop.

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  1. PEACE

    I raised 5 kids by myself-I chose not to go after the 2 fathers for support, I had too much on my plate and they were only too willing to ditch me and my kids….God please give her peace and the will to raise the kids peacefully with or without the father. I know kids need their father, but kids only care about how peaceful their life is. I pray you will find this.

  2. Faith


    Good morning

    My prayers are with you!!!

    You are a good person and Mother

    Please go to church esch Sunday

    Jesus needs you

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