Please help me Lord

by C (MIA)

I come to you today as I do almost every night humbled before your majesty. I know that through you change can occur and miracles can transpire, I put my faith in you daily but today life has kicked my ass. I cried alone in my bathroom, and I realized that a part of my life has ended and soon a new one must begin. Lord please help show the man that I love the error of his ways, or facilitate him in knowing how to differentiate between loving someone and simply keeping someone for fear of being alone. We live together and it hasn’t even taken me a year to realize that maybe he isn’t right for me. My heart feels so heavy in my chest and I feel so numb to the pain…I don’t know where to turn, everyone thinks I have a perfect life. Even my own family thinks I should just stay put and quiet down. I seek you in everything I do, and I know you didn’t bring me into this world to let others shape my destiny. I am twenty, a college student and I work full-time and am very much in debt, please show me the way to the abundance that you want for me and help to deliver me from my monetary issues. Many of my friends have distanced themselves from me or treat me with contempt for absolutely no reason. You have seen how loving and generous I am, this cannot be your plan for me Father. I love you so very much, please I need a miracle.

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