Please Help Me God

by Monee (Chicago Il)

Dear God,

I know Ive prayed to you this prayer over and over again but lord I am pouring my heart and soul out to you. Lord my life has always been in deep storms and I would like very much to be able to experience life beyond the darkness and god I know that my faith has been very low for this past year and Im trying so hard to be more faithful but each and every day it gets so hard for me to maintain. Lord please bless and prosper my life abundantly; I know life will never be perfect and I do fully understand this with all of my heart but lord I need you more than ever right now. Please bless my health from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet, Lord keep my mind sane, Lord please protect me in all areas of mylife, Lord please bless my finances, Could you also bless my small business in every way lord please open all the doors for me to achieve all of my greatest goals, Also I would like for you to bless my two boys who has also been through the storm as well for my poor choices I made in my life and I also would like to ask for forgiveness lord. I have one more thing to ask you lord Im in love with the most amazing man a love Ive never felt in my whole entire life before I know we cant make people love us but lord Im asking that you please bless us with a union I cant imagine my life without him when I first looked into this man eyes I knew that he was so one who I wanted to spend the rest of mylife with. I know he has a lot of baggage and lot of things he needs to sort out lord but I am willing to be patient because he is so worth it. When I look into this mans eyes I see a reflection of myself that was such a beautiful experience to witness please bless ceric in all areas of his life; please heal him in all areas of his life let him know that its ok to open his heart to me god I promise that I would never hurt or forsake him, I promise to love him and cherish and support him be faithful build with him one more thing lord I would like to bare his baby lord I so would like to be a mother again if its in your will if not lord please hold my hand and quiet my broken heart amen

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