Please help me get emergency money

by Marisol (Trinidad)

Dear Lord,

You know the trials and tribulations that I am going through right now and Lord you know that I am running out of strength. Lord I need help right now to settle all my debts. Lord I have been through so much over the last three years and I am still standing here praising your name and enduring what I am going through since I believe it all happens for a reason.

Not by my will but yours Lord.
But lord I really need some emergency money right now. I am swimming in debt. As the money comes it goes and I do not know where or how or why. Lord I know that the ones that did this evil to me and my husband are still working on us lord. I ask that you protect us from their influence and cast back all that they throw in our direction. I ask that you remove all obstacles in my way. Lord I cannot lose my car.

I cannot lose Delon as a contact either since I know he too has bills to pay. Lord God, Lord please do not let the bailiffs find me and let the companies that I owe hold off on seizing anything from me.

Lord let the money come freely with no harm to anyone. I pray for all those that help me with this petition that they too reap the benefits of helping their fellow man succeed in this endeavour.

In Your name lord and in the name of your son Jesus,


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