Please Help Me Find Gainful Employment

Dear God,

I come to you with a heavy heart. I come and ask you to please forgive me of my sins and mistakes. I pray to you that you allow me to forgive myself and allow me to feel worthy of myself again.

Please give me peace to become a nicer and much kinder person with a softer heart. I pray that you open the path for me to find gainful employment in something I will enjoy and look forward to every single day.

I pray that it supports the lifestyle I have grown accustomed to. I am grateful for the life you have given me so far. I would like to continue to make a difference in people’s lives and have some sort of meaning behind my own life.

Please hear my prayers as I no longer recognize the person I have become. I am strong and have a smart mind that I would love to put to use. Thank you and AMEN.

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