Please help me find an apartment

Dear god am struggling to find an apartment for my six kids and me,heavenly father we became homeless because of domestic violence we are in a shelter that is infested with rats and roaches and one of my daughters has a worsening heart condition,dear god I need your help am a single mom trying to find permanent housing for my kids,please dear god help us in Jesus name amen.

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  1. you have home

    you are taken care of and protected in all aspects by our Heavenly Father and workers and love here on earth. Heart peace and secure. Home health loving safe and joyful. amen 🙂

  2. Father God !! I need your help I can't do this alone

    Dear Father God,I am a single Mother looking for a apartment for My kids and me I have seen some apartments and I have been
    Turned down it was a man that was ready to give me a apartment
    Due to me having one eviction because Boston housing told
    Me to stay in the apartment into they bring me to court and now
    That I have been to court I am now without housing I am living in
    Separate places from my kids I had to send them other places to stay as a Mother this really hurts I’m trying to be strong my 16
    Year old daughter was staying with my Brother and his girlfriend
    I receive a call from my Brother telling me that my
    Daughter turned the stove on and the house got very smoky
    And my daughter could no longer stay there my brothers girlfriend
    Then calls and tell me that my brother asked my daughter why
    She turned the stove on and my daughter told him she didn’t
    Do it that she was doing her hair in the bathroom and that his
    Girlfriend did it Father God I believe my daughter is telling
    The truth my brothers girlfriend drinks and she could of did
    It and just don’t remember.Father God you no I have 6 kids
    Three live with me and three live on they on Please help
    Me God find permanent housing filled with your love and blessing’s
    IN your son Jesus Christ name

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