please help me find a way of winning the heart of the woman I love.

by Robert (London UK)

I am finding myself for the first time in my life, trying to communicate with archangels and guardian angels and Jesus.. I grew up with a Irish Grandfather that believed in angels and god, but I was at a age where belief in these things in considered “uncool” or “crazy” I have always went with the crowd and ignored that there’s a god or that angels exist.. but I have sat beside my Great grandfathers and great grandma grave and spoke to them for help.. I don’t want to tell all my whole story to people because, people have a way of telling you that you’re living your life wrong, and the way you should live you’re life is “like them” I have not come here to be judged or mocked.. I want help from the almighty or the angels to open a woman’s heart to me once again.. to help her become brave enough and trust that what I tell her is true.. when I first meet her I couldn’t understand my feelings for her! they were so strong.. when she would leave me I would feel physical pain and waiting for her felt llike an eternity.. it was only now looking back that I realized, I am in love with her.. they say that the heart was made to be broken, but my heart has been broken many times before and in many different ways.. god made the space between my fingers for her fingers to fit, then she leaves me.. she made me become the man I wanted to be.. people ask me all the time for advice now it’s my turn to ask for advice.. Please help me in finding a way of getting her back as my lover, friend and soul mate.. please..

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