Please Help Me Feel the Strength and the Love from the Lord

by Julie (USA)

Please help me focus and endure the situations currently facing me; please help me be mindful of those things that are not urgent. Please let me see the events and the situations as they are, rather than as I fear they are or will be.

Please protect my relationships from those whose influence would damage them wherever possible; please give me strength, compassion and wisdom; please remove my fears that seem to conquer me and crumble my resolve.

Please grant me strength, resilience, love and wisdom – and most of all happiness and peace in my own choices and actions. Please let me accept Your Will for me as an infinitely small speck in an overwhelmingly large divine plan.

I ask that you watch over my husband and keep him from harm; I ask that if we must part ways that it is done with kindness on both sides. I ask for strength and wisdom, to never hurt him and to accept what may come, but to stand up for myself when needed, to feel Your strength and the strength of your Angels and messengers always.

In Your Name I ask these things. Amen.

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  1. God Bless

    Lord God of Heaven above,

    I pray that you watch over your child and provide them protection from any harm that wants to come to them or their relationships. Keep them from sinning throughout there trials and let them realize that you are always watching over us. That whenever we may feel tempted, or scared, the smallest utterance of your name “Jesus” said with complete faith can make us stand strong throughout any situation.

    In Jesus Name I Pray Amen

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