Please help me escape criminals who are using a contract to terrorize me!

by J. (USA)

I signed a contract to sell my house. First, I need to evict a tenant, who refuses to pay rent. He threatens me and causes me constant grief. The people with the contract have given me an advance which they won’t take back, and use it as an excuse to cause damage to my house under the guise of “improvements.” They do not work, but break and destroy insisting that I have to get rid of the tenant or they will not finish the “sale.”

Another honest buyer wants the house, and will take it with the deadbeat tenant, but I can’t get out of the contract with the criminals. They want to weaken me to sell for less!

St. Jude, please enter into this situation and right the horrible wrongs. Get rid of the first “contract” and let me sell to the honest person and let me live in peace. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have no mental rest. St. Jude this is an impossible case. In Jesus’ name, please help me and I will tell everyone that you granted me a miracle.

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