Please help me change my husband to become loving and faithful to our marriage.

(las veas, nv usa)

I fell in love with my husband because of his loving and thoughtfulness. But after our wedding he changed to a different person.

Our son is now a teenager but my husband has still not changed. His bad attitude and worst behavior has made me fall out of love of him.I don’t want to look around for another relationship because I want this marriage to work. I’ve been longing for his love, attention and to have the communication with him but his been avoiding it. I do not know if he have someone else already as he always go somewhere by himself. He’ll leave the house early and comes home late night. I don’t want to accuse him but can’t help not to think about it.
Please HELP!
I need spiritual assistance to help me go thru this trials and challenges. Our son loved his dad so much and it will break my heart to see our relationship to fall apart.
My the guidance and help of our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy spirit leads our way to save our marriage and follow the holy sacrament of being husband and wife and as a couple. And become a happy and loving family again.
In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray…Amen.

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