Please help me be away from contemplating suicide

by Tess (West, TN)

I have come down with some kind of mite that has invaded my skin and they are crawling all over my body, causing sores and itching horribly. My house is now overrun with them and we don’t know how to get rid of them.

It is literally driving me insane to know I have insects in my skin. We don’t know where they came from.

Two weeks of treatment hasn’t helped and if I can’t get rid of them soon, I don’t think I can go on anymore with this horror. Please please pray that I can be cured of these little demons, that they will leave my home and our bodies. I am so overwhelmed with anxiety and depression, as I recently lost my 3 month old baby as well. Life has become hell for me.

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  1. A prayer for you...8)

    Lord i come to you in agreement with this family…knowing and believing in your healing powers…No weapon formed against them shall prosper…we ask you Lord to make these creatures flee from them…we know that you say anything we ask for in prayer will be as long as we don’t doubt and believe…also where two are gathered there you are Father…Jesus you are the Great Physician and in these times the doctors are’nt even sure of what is they ‘practice’…no Father we don’t go to Doctors because we’re not sick, we know our physicians name…JESUS CHRIST…we trust you in Jesus Holy Name…and it is written…Thank you Jesus…! God Bless You and Your Family…!! Don’t give up we need you on our side…!

  2. My prayers are with you

    I will pray for you and I am so so sorry about what is happening to me.

  3. There is tomorrow

    Soak in a salt bath – lots of salt.

    When you are sad, walk . . . and walk and walk and walk.

    I’m praying for your peace.

  4. Have hope

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling desperate. And know that your child was taken as heaven needed another angel! Your child is happy, please know that. Your pain WILL lessen with time.
    Continue seeing more doctors regarding the mites – do not give up.
    Do not take your life as this world needs you. You will realise this later on in life. You are a gift to this world.
    Also, by offering voluntary help to others, is the biggest healer – try it and see.

  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers

    I’m also suffering from a skin ailment and it drives me crazy too, but these last weeks for me I’ve ask Jesus to be by me and heal my skin and ask him to surround you with the Holy Spirit and give to the Lord our God and live in His Will and ask him for guidance, comfort and his unfailing love to surround Your family and You while you are going thru these difficult times. In Jesus name, Amen.

    I’m sorry for your loss of your child, I pray for you and your family!
    May God Bless You and Keep You!

  6. lifting you up in prayer

    I lift you up in prayer and pray for your healing And recovery. God bless you. In Jesus Name Amen

  7. I can relate

    Although not from the same cause I too have been tormented by an extremely persistent and extremely itchy skin that has caused me to contemplate suicide. Doctors don’t know why but related to having and extreme case of “chronic sarcoidosis”, an autoimmune disorder which has affected various organs and glands, even attacking my eyes.

  8. medicine comes from God

    My dad suffered something similar to what you descried – decease… the Lord heals every decease. He is the healer and the medicine at the sdame time. prepare a little of apple vinager with alcohol and softly humed your skin and spray it also on your bed and all over the carpet. At the same time you do that, pray the Lord’s prayer… Jesus is wonderful and merciful.

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