Please help me and my baby’s father to be in good terms.

by Patricia Anne Carolino (Las Pinas City, Philippines)

Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have given me, my family and friends. I also seek forgiveness on all the sins I have done in my life. I hope in time, my conscience will be clear and I will be a faithful daughter to you and my parents. Lord, please help me to be in good terms with my baby’s dad.

He wouldn’t want to speak with me. He blocked me from his accounts and cellphone. He is also in a new relationship now. We didn’t really had a break-up. He just went to the province and then after that he changed. I know I may have hurted him in some way. I wish that we will be okay again. I know we had a lot of arguments in the past. But I know he truly loved me. I know he is not ready to be a father yet.

Please enlighten him to be ready or if not ready, to face me so that we can talk about the future of the baby. If he is doubting that this is his, please remove those doubts on his head. I haven;t cheated on him on the 14 months we’ve been together.Please make him remember the good times that we have. Please make him be a responsible individual again.

If he is going through something, please help him to get over with. I hope you can also enlighten him that having a family with me is better than that girl he cheated on. I wish that you may grant my prayer.

– Patricia Carolino

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