Please help me

by Jessica ()

I am asking for prayer to please renew Roberts heart and lead him back to the Lord, and then to me. Please stop him from hurting anymore people. He has hurt and lied to so many people and he doesn’t have to keep doing this. He is a good man no matter what anyone says about him, but sin and temptation have overcome him. The problem is this time he came across a real one, someone who actually believed in him. Someone that no matter what he thought about himself, I still thought the world of him and who still thinks that he has so much to offer someone. He still comments on all his ex’s stuff and has them on his Facebook. He still hangs out with some of them also. I wish he wouldn’t do that because you just don’t do that when you love someone. He doesn’t understand how much it hurts me. Of all of the people to treat this way though I just can’t understand why me since I have done nothing but love, support, and be there for him through everything. I still believe that he is capable of good things if he would just choose to change and see the error of his ways. I was willing to give him the world, my world, but he just didn’t want it. He doesn’t want to act right when it comes to me. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t have the courage to fight for me or a relationship with me. I will never be with someone who pushes me out of his life every chance he gets. This only shows me that he really doesn’t love me or else he would be trying to show me that he’s sorry and that he does want me in his life. I can’t be with someone who can’t show or express how they really feel about me either. Trying to express it on Facebook isn’t enough. I have to hear it from him face to face or it won’t work. Please let the people around him stop giving into his behavior. I don’t understand why it is so hard for him to be a good man, especially to me after everything I have done for him and the way that I have always stuck by his side. But no matter what I still believe in him, and I always will. Please help him understand how much I love him. I pray that he will do the right thing and fight for me since I am not the one who threw him out of my life to begin with. I shouldn’t be fighting for him, he should be fighting for me since he’s the one that left. I can’t be with someone that has no courage to fight for me or is willing to change his ways or the way he treats me. Please, Jesus. I need you. Please help him. IJNIPA

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