Please help make us whole again.

by Amanda (Marion, IA, US)

St. Joseph,

I pray that you bring us a buyer for our house in Iowa. Over the last 3 years we have poured blood, sweat, and tears into our home making it better for the next owners. We have left our mark and made it a better place with your guidance and knowledge which you passed down.

I thank God for the blessings and opportunities that I have been given, and the courage to start a new career, and the strength to attend one of the nations best law schools without my family. I thank the lord for the strength he has given us through this difficult and joyous time. I thank you for allowing my husband to find a job. I thank the lord for the roof over my head and the means to survive. These past 3 months have been difficult being over 1000 miles apart.

I pray that you hear my prayer to sell our house so that we can be a family again. So that we can be together without worry and fear.

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