Please help, Lord, I am desperate

by Irma (Mission, TX USA)

I begin my prayer by asking your forgiveness Lord for all my sins. Please help me I feel like my world is crumbling in front of me. My marriage of twenty three years is breaking. I truly love my husband and my family is my life. He had an affair, which I truly forgive . He now wants a divorce not because he is with her but just doesn’t want to be here anymore. I have dedicated my whole life to him and I miss him deeply. I have tried and tried but no luck. He doesn’t even care about his two youngest children. He has been an absent dad for a year and I don’t know what to do. I have tried to hate him, forget him, and even not love him, but I can’t. I work with him everyday and it makes it harder. Our business is not doing well I don’t have any money to pay bills and he doesn’t care. He shows up to work for about two hours and never comes back. The business is doing very bad and I need it to make ends meet. My situation is really bad!!!! I want him back home and our lives to be happy the way we were. Please Lord help me. Please perform a miracle like you have done before. I really need this miracle.

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