Please help James recovering from his addiction problems

Dear Lord

Please help James with his alcohol and drug addictions, please help him to strength his will power and his determination, and believe in you and himself to be able to overcome this problem. I beg you to give him power to recover from these problems. He has a good heart and he shouldn’t be suffering from these sickness.

My dear Lord, please please please give him power, and guide him to the right path, please help him to stay away from bad influence and pick himself up again to live a normal, healthy and happy life. I don’t ask for you to give him a bright future, but I sincerely ask you to please help him to pick himself up again, and stay away from these bad things in his life ever again. Please, my dear Lord, please give your helping hand, show him mercy and offer him help. He needs you. Please. I beg you to help him to recover from his sickness.

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