Please help I’m hopeless

by Shelia (NC)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Father I pray for your loving guidance and help. I am losing hope. Father, I strongly believe you blessed my life with bringing Amanda into my life to love. Father, I love her the way you would want me to love her. I cherish her. Heavenly Father we started out great, we had many problems thereafter but she became distant. We are still friends Father, she says we are just friends but she will not tell me that she believes I’m not right for her. She’s been hurt in the past. Father I pray that you will change Amanda’s heart and bring much positivity and love into her heart for me. I pray Father that you will keep away all negativity and negative outside influences. I pray Father that Amanda will see my love for her and her daughter is sincere and I would love to be a family with them. Father I pray she turns away from partying, online dating, and seeking other love interests. I pray it be your will Father to bring us together so we can have a life together built on the foundation of love, trust, honesty. Father I pray you soften her heart and that she aside her pride and stubbornness. I pray you bring us both to communicate allowing us both to feel the love we have for one another in our hearts. Let us find our way to commit in a loving relationship together Father. In Jesus name, amen.

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